G.W. Pope - Percussion, Vocals
GW grew up in Atlanta Georgia. Influenced by his family when he was ten years old and he has been playing ever since. His love of music is diverse and his passion for his craft drove him to make this his profession.  He received a scholarship for Music Performance to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he earned a Bachelors Degree in Performance and Music Synthesis. GW has played and toured with many groups in many genres.  Currently playing all over southern California with the Red Ball Jets, he is known for his style and showmanship!

Nate - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Nate grew up in the Motor City. Nate has been playing full time since the age of 15, and hasn't stopped yet. He has toured around the world multiple times and has played with every type of group from Big Band Jazz to Motown to Rock.  Currently, he is rocking Southern Cali with the Red Ball Jets!
Randy Wilde- Bass, Vocals

Randy Wilde hails from Los Angeles, CA. Spending most of his life playing bass, it has become more than an instrument to him... it is an extension of his inner self. Randy has performed and recorded with many different artist, from Chaka Khan to rock guitar venom Tracy G of Dio. Randy's love of music ranges from Funk to Classical to Jazz and Rock. "Anything... as long as it's good, and it grooves!"

Katie K - Lead Vocals
Kate has been singing and performing for the past 15 years.  After leaving Michigan, where she lit up the stage with her vocals and personality, she has spent the last 4 years showcasing her talents in Southern California.  After releasing her first solo EP in 2008, she has been singing the lead in one of LA’s most sought after Top 40 acts, the Red Ball Jets.



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